FAQ’s About Home Extensions

Are you interested in a home extension in Toronto, ON, but aren’t quite sure you know everything there is to know about modular home additions? Modular Home Additions is here to answer some commonly asked questions about home additions, so you can make the best decision when choosing how you want to renovate or add on to your Toronto home!

What are modular homes?

Modular homes are buildings that are built primarily indoors and can be built up to 80% faster than traditional homes. Without having to deal with weather conditions, there are much fewer on-site delays. There are many guidelines, building codes, and rules they must conform to, however. In many cases, modular homes may have more building code requirements of traditional buildings. These high standards ensure your modular home will always be constructed with quality processes and materials.

Are modular homes manufactured homes?

No, they aren’t. Manufactured homes (which are also sometimes called mobile homes) aren’t built on permanent foundations and can be moved around, although there are laws regulating these movements. Modular homes, once installed on the foundation, cannot be moved again.

Are there any advantages to having modular home additions?

There are! Modular homes do not depreciate and can be fully customized since they vary in style and size. They can be used for residential purposes as well as for commercial applications. And in addition to being much faster to build than site-built homes, they’re much cheaper.

Are there any catches to having a modular home addition in Toronto since they aren’t the same as “traditional” houses?

Modular homes or home extensions are the same as “real property.” Modular buildings are a type of green building, and the government views them the same as traditional site-built property. This means insurance premiums, taxes, and home loans are the same as site-built homes. Modular homes have benefits over traditional home builds however, including being more affordable and less labour intensive.

Since modular homes are designed in a factory, aren’t they alike?

Not at all! Modular homes can be customized however you’d like. From an airy Mediterranean-themed home to a Victorian-era-inspired home, your Toronto second story addition can look however you want! From the windows to the cabinets to any detail, the opportunities are endless and the choices are up to you.

How much do modular home additions cost?

It depends on how you would like the final product to be. As you can customize your home addition to your liking, this will play a role in the final pricing. However, since on-site additions take much longer, you will save both time and money using modular home extensions for your Toronto home renovation. Finally, our modular home extensions are energy efficient, which can help you save on utility costs. Of course, we provide a free consultation and quote so you know what to expect!

Do banks finance home extensions?

Since insurance premiums and taxes are the same as traditional, site-built homes, modular home financing options are similar, if not the same, as traditional home financing.

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