The Process

We build a special web site for your project, thus you can track the schedules, post your comments and requests, and be in constant connection with our office.All you have to do is sit back and watch us transform your bungalow into the spacious home you’ve dreamed of owning.

Familiarize yourself with our three phases, as well as optional work required to complete the proposed addition and renovation of your existing house. This will help you to have maximum control over the total project cost.

You will receive a more detailed list once we know the exact scope of your project.

Design Phase

1. Feasibility study
2. Preliminary design drawings
3. Committee of adjustment application (if needed)
4. Permit drawings and application

Phase 1 – Proposed Building with Finished Exterior:

1. Demolition and disposal of existing roof
2. Excavation and foundation (for back/side additions and new homes)
3. Superstructure installation
4. Roofing, aluminum work and caulking
5. Exterior detailing and clean up

Phase 2 – Finishing of Interior of New Addition:

1. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning City Inspection
2. Plumbing rough-in and fixtures installation City Inspection
3. Electrical wiring and finishing City Inspection
4. Insulating, drywall and taping City Inspection
5. Interior millwork (doors, trimming, shelving)
6. Flooring (carpet, hardwood, ceramics etc.)
7. Cabinetry (bathrooms, built in units)
8. Painting and decorating

Phase 3 – Renovation of the Exisitng Areas: