Who We Are

A word from the President

What can we say about Modular? When you go on the Internet to research a construction company, you will find that they’re all saying the same thing. Every company is the best, the most professional, the friendliest…. We think repeating what everyone else says just isn’t right.

Mainly, this is because we’re NOT the same as everyone else.

We won’t try to compete our writing skills with those of other construction companies. The goal isn’t to impress with fancy words and explanations. We believe that our work and references will tell you more than what a good PR person can write about us.

For four years in a row, we have been voted “The Best in Town” – by people, just like you, our customers, their neighbors or just people who have heard good things about us. This means much more than any prestigious award at some peer competition.

With over nine hundred projects in the last twelve years, some of them done for repeated customers, well, this is a number that no other company can claim.

Ok, ok. I did brag a little bit, but I just wanted to state the facts that make us truly proud. These facts are written testaments from our happy customers which are a result of who we truly are, not just a repetition of tired adjectives, i.e. “the best, smartest, most professional, best looking”. Because so many people vested their trust in us and came out of the process happy enough to either refer us to their friends or to use us again and again, well, we feel that we aren’t like anyone else out there and we know you’ll feel the same.

Vladeta Jericevic
President and CEO
Modular Home Additions