What Can We Offer?

  • Free initial consultation and a very detailed quote, outlining all the tasks and costs involved in building your custom addition or new home. Know the cost before you start the project.
  • Feasibility study that will determine if there are any issues with your footings.
  • Great design team and all plans accompanied with 3D renderings and optional walkthrough animation. See and understand what you will be building before you commit to it.
  • All City permits obtained to save you from the stress of waiting in lines and dealing with questions that you don’t have the answers for. That’s our job.
  • Choosing all finishing materials
  • Exclusive discounts of up to 40% for our clients from some of the largest retailers including RONA, Olympia Tile, The Brick, etc.
  • Inconvenience is minimized by reduced construction time achieved by preconstruction of over 50% of your home in our factory.*
  • Exterior shell done in as little as 3 days. **
  • All season service and highly organized production in a controlled environment will provide many savings for your budget (i.e. no need to move from the house, shorter project timeliness, etc)
  • Full and professional service and special warranty program combined with after-sale customer service to guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Contrary to popular belief, there are no design limitations.
  • Best of all, live in your house during the renovation to increase savings

Maximize the size of your home and minimize disruption to your life with a Modular Home Addition.