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“Not only would I recommend Modular, but we would use them again. I was pregnant with twins when we hired modular to add a second story to our semi attached bungalow. Not only would we be possibly living in a Reno with two newborns, but the stress of the renovation, the possibility that things would not go well with the contractors and the time line were all major concerns. Needless to say we were nervous when we signed on the dotted line. But Modular pulled through! Dule was our project manager and he was fabulous! He really made us feel like everything was taken care of,and it was. The trades were all great, kind, professional and really good at what they do. We were very happy we used all the Modular trades. Knowing that they were from Modular, we never worried that work would not get done or that it would not get done properly. We did get 3 renovation quotes before we started and all were around same price. The difference is with Modular you see where every dollar is going. Sometimes that’s great because you really know what your spending money on. But sometimes it makes you want to look for a better price – and in our situation, every time we did, there was no price difference. The other thing is budget. Everyone always says a Reno can not stay on budget. From the very first quote they gave us ( even before they saw the house), they pretty much stayed on budget (plus or minus 5-10%). If it changed it was mainly our doing- adding things here or there. Dmitry ( who was also fabulous!) kept you informed at all times of what things cost and how it would effect the overall price ( up or down). Thanks to the whole Modular team! We are so happy with our new addition and could not have made a better decision in using you.”


“This is the third time we have used Modular Home Additions in the last 10 years. This last project was by far the biggest. We bought a 100 year old detached 2-storey (+basement) home in Leaside and had Modular add on a 2-storey (+basement) addition. The difficulty here was ensuring that we didn’t end up with an “old” existing house attached to a “new” addition – we wanted it to all flow together in an open concept atmosphere that had a modern rustic feel. Modular helped us achieve that within our budget and within our time schedule. It was essentially a gut job. They took everything down to the studs, new electrical, new plumbing, underpinned existing basement, new structural support beams etc… Was it all smooth sailing? Unequivocally No. With every significant building project, you will always run into challenging circumstances. By way of example, we encountered an obstacle when we began attaching the new roof structure to the existing cathedral roofing system. When they began the part of the project, Modular became concerned about the stability of the existing cathedral roof structure – they felt it was simply not stable enough to support being cut and then attached to the new hand cut or truss roofing structure. Modular’s suggestion was to replace the existing cathedral roof with engineered trusses and build an entire new roof that would be ensure we don’t run into any structural problems down the road. And so while this issue caused a bit of a delay (I think we probably lost about a week while the new trusses were constructed), we ended up with a new, stronger, roofing system and shingles etc. Despite having to eat some costs, Modular proceeded without hesitation. In my opinion, this is one of the things that differentiates Modular from others – they make decisions that are best for their customers. And essentially all this comes down to is people. From the individuals that gutted and framed the existing and new structure, to their HVAC suppliers, their plumber, their carpenters, to our project manager, we cannot say enough good things about the way all of Modular’s staff handled our project. Honest, respectful, hard workers, diligent trades people, and great building expertise by our project managers. We want to thank (not in order of importance) Dule, Vadja, Billy, Tino, Dmitry, as well as all the other trades people that helped us achieve exactly what we wanted when we set out on this journey. After this project, I will continue to, without hesitation, recommend Modular to friends and family.”


“We decided to add a second floor to our bungalow and gut the main floor, after interviewing 6 builders we choose modular based on a recommendation and meeting with them. They provided an amazingly detailed quote and stayed completely on budget. Not only was the workmanship great but the crew was kind, pleasant and the job site was a pleasure. Plus they finished the reno on time and even before we thought it would be done. Renovating a house is a major stress but Modular makes it a dream come true! I would recommend and use them to everyone. They are amazing.”


“I have no hesitation in recommending this company. Their administration is efficient & helpful (they actually answer the phone in person!) & their Basecamp system keeps communication open. Their work is great, on time & within budget. No unpleasant surprises! I would trust them with any future projects. Experience counts!”


“We initially contracted Modular to add an in-law suite to our raised bungalow when our project came to a screeching halt. You see, we found our ideal family home after we hired Modular and purchased it over the course of a weekend so we no longer needed the addition to our home. We thought for sure we would lose the deposit that we had already paid to Modular. However Vadja and Dule were very understanding of our situation and offered to give back our full deposit since we no longer needed an addition. We were so impressed with their service, care and understanding that we asked them to act as our general contractor to renovate our new home. Dule and his team worked magic to transform the mudroom and workshop on the ground floor of our new home into an in-law suite that included a bedroom with ensuite bath, sitting area and family room with an additional 3-piece bath. The project finished on-time and on-budget! My mother-in-law loves her suite and enjoys her large bedroom with a sitting area and ensuite bath. She enjoys entertaining family in her family room where she can look outside into the backyard. Thanks Modular for making our renovation a pleasant experience that we won’t forget. Thanks for making us (… and my mother-in-law) happy. We gladly recommend Modular (and their sub-contractors) without hesitation for your renovation needs.”


“I am pleased and impressed by MODULAR’s service. Their contractors were professional, courteous and worked diligently based on our schedule and needs. They went above and beyond in making my wife and I happy. And I would recommend them to anyone looking for professional ‘by-the-book’ contractors.”


“I have strongly recommended this company. Their administration is efficient & helpful (they actually answer the phone in person!) & their Basecamp system is a very useful tool. Their work is professional, on time, on budget. Their suggestions were most appropriate and I was very pleased with the outcome. They were always willing of execute additional requests. Their ability to work with the client made for very positive experience. Experience counts!”


“I used Modular for the exterior and structural work for a complete redo of my post WW2 1.5 storey home. Modular provided the following major services: design and drawings for complete house, engineering and soil testing for project feasibility, removal of old loft floor and complete gutting of inside of rest of house, erection of new second floor, including all structural elements, installation of windows and exterior doors, roofing, whole exterior stucco and stone work plus eaves, fascia, etc, and installation of a completely new HVAC system. I used a different contractor for the rest of the work (interior framing, plumbing, electrical, finishing, etc). The cost noted above was approximately what I paid Modular and excludes the inside work done by my second GC. I really enjoyed working with Modular. Rick, the architect they used, met with me and really understood my ideas for what I wanted the house to look like on completion. There was very little revision needed to the initial plans he crafted. Modular arranged for the permits, responded to city questions on the plans and then work commenced in the spring of 2012 at the promised time. Beli was my primary project manager and I worked mainly with Dmitry on contract matters, including selection of materials, etc. Both were extremely helpful and responsive to my several requests. I was pretty hands on when it came to the project and it never appeared that this was bothersome to the guys. I found them quite good at dealing with inevitable issues that arose. Virtually all of their trades were highly professional and timely too (the stone mason was a bit slow, but his work was terrific). Pam handled billings and related items and was also a pleasure to deal with. Modular’s contract management is also easy to follow and understand. They provide a detailed itemized contract and then as you make changes (as I did), easy to understand change orders were issued. Communicating is easy too with Basecamp (the project management web service they used), in addition to traditional phone and email. Work was done on time, within budget, passed all inspections by the city, and provided a good base for the next GC to come in to complete the interior work. I found them organized, punctual and easy to deal with. Overall, I am very pleased with the results. Thanks to Rick, Dmitry, Beli, Dule, Pam, and the whole crew!”


“It took us a long time to make the decision to add onto our house but finally we did and chose modular to complete the structural work on our Reno. We ran into delays with some trees on our property and we had to change the plans a few times. So it took us a long time to get started and I think the company was just as frustrated as we were! That is the one area we could have used more guidance from modular but it was a complicated situation with trees and property lines. In the end, once things got going, things were on time for the build and exceeded our expectations on quality. We chose to do a lot of the finishings on our own and we really appreciated that they allowed for that. The best thing about modular was their use of basecamp and being able to have a visual of the budget all broken down. They were also very prompt at responding to issues: We had plumbing issues once we moved back in and their response time to everything was really quick. Their staff was friendly and professional and actually listened to our ideas. They allowed for the changes we made as we went along without making an issue of anything and did not charge us an arm and a leg to make our desired changes. We still have a few fine details to be completed at this point but overall we have been very pleased. Obviously, a Reno of this magnitude is stressful and there were some hard moments for everyone involved as we have a young family and had strict timelines. With a young family, two working parents and a project this large there were of course times that we were disorganized…but modular worked well with us and got us to our goal. I would recommend modular, particularly for people who like using the computer and technology in their day to day and who have busy lives as modular tries to make the process easy on clients.”


“After doing some research, we decided to work with Modular on our second floor addition, due to the speed that they could complete the work. At my job, I work daily with contractors and subcontractors, and I have to say the entire Modular team were easy to work with. Our old roof was removed in 2 days, and due to rain, there was a slight delay in bringing the house up, but it was quite an event when Modular showed up on our street mid-October with all the pieces of the house, and had everything up by early afternoon. We have gotten several compliments from our neighbors on the quality and speed of the work completed. I am in particular impressed with the stone work, which completely changed the curb appeal of our house. Most of their subcontractors were top-notch, polite, and answered our questions. I believe the substantial completion of the addition wad done in about 5 weeks. Meanwhile, I have seen other home additions that have been covered in tarps for months without any visible progress. There was a slight delay in the permit procedure, which added a slight delay to our project, and also, some of their sub-contractors are kept too busy running from site to site, which again, caused some delays. However, overall we had an excellent experience with Modular and would recommend them for this type of work.”


“After hearing so many great recommendations about Modular Home, we decided to hire Modular Home to do major renovation of our split-level house which is located in Etobicoke. We are extremely happy with the company. What a great job and pleasant experience. Dule ,Beli and rest of the team are an absolute pleasure to work with; They managed the entire process. The budget estimate was very realistic. They addressed any concerns we had immediately and everything was done on time. Renovation includes following: The entire main floor, higher level with bedrooms, lower level and basement get new interior walls, new drywall, new hardwood floor, new doors, new windows, casing, new baseboards, decorative moldings, stairs, new luxury kitchen and baths, new electrical installation everywhere…. They proved themselves to be very professional, honest and competent. We would highly recommend Modular Home for any renovation work or addition. Thanks to the whole team again.”


“Install addition Experience was good if you want to be able to live in your house during the reno. No hotel or calling on friends for a place to live. very clean, good crew, made everything in 3days as promised and advertised.”


“2nd storey addition The service we received from Modular was exceptional.

They managed the entire process and addressed any concerns immendiately and always to our satisfaction. They proved themselves to be competent, employing skilled labour at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend them.

Another home addition!”


“Second floor addition The Modular team as a whole was outstanding.
They were able to provide better options to our initial design that ultimately turned out to be more functional to our family in the long run.
Modular provided excellent service”

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