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Your home is one of your most prized possessions, and maintaining your home means many different things. While renovations that don’t add to the overall footprint of your home can sometimes craft more space, there is only so much than can be done within the original square footage of your home. With Modular Home Additions, all of that changes. Our state-of-the-art modular system allows our team to expertly plan and execute an addition to your home, adding new structures in a seamless and beautiful fashion! We’ve devised a home additions system that is straight forward and smartly designed so that the entire process is smooth and easy to work with. We’ve been helping our customers in Toronto get the bungalow additions they didn’t even know were possible. If you’ve been feeling like your home could use more space but don’t know the next steps, contact us today. A member of our team can walk you through all of the options that homeowners have in expanding the footprint of your home with a custom designed bungalow addition.

Bungalow Additions & Renovation in Toronto

Home Additions Innovators

At Modular Home Additions, we’ve helped thousands of homes in the Toronto area be completely transformed. Bungalow additions allow new rooms and areas to be added to your existing structure. If you want a spare bedroom, bathroom, or a master suite, a bungalow addition from Modular Home Additions is the perfect way to go. Our process starts with meeting in our office to get a sense of the space that is needed, and the space that is available, based on the information you provide. Everything we do is 100% custom designed so that our customers get precisely the bungalow addition they are looking for. Our track record speaks for itself, and our top quality bungalow additions are the perfect way to add extra space to your home.

Quality You Can Depend On

Home additions can be an expensive and headache inducing proposition if they are not completed by seasoned experts who have the tools and resources required to get the job done right. For almost two decades, we’ve been Toronto’s leader in modular homes and specialize in every step of the process. From planning to execution, our team is committed to detail oriented work and quality customer service. We ensure all of the permitting and licensing is taken care and keep our customers up to date throughout the process. We pride ourselves in helping our customers make their home more comfortable with strong and beautiful bungalow additions.

For more information on bungalow additions in Toronto, contact Modular Home Additions today by calling 416-759-4663, or sending an e-mail to reception@modular.ca


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