Modular Home additions in Toronto, ON

Avoid the hassle of moving by adding space to your existing home

Every room in your home is packed to the rafters, but you are constantly running out of space for your growing family. Moving into a bigger house means uprooting the kids from school, saying goodbye to your awesome neighbors, and struggling to make ends meet with the higher mortgage payments. Why go through all of that when you can simply do a home extension in Toronto for your existing home with a little help from the professionals at Modular Home Additions? Well-planned Toronto home additions will pay for themselves time and time again, drastically increasing the value of your home while giving you a little extra room to breathe. Now, we can go on and on about the professionalism of our contractors and the innovative design skills of our creative team, but our “Best in Town” reputation speaks for itself. We have a true passion for helping families maximize their living space quickly and affordably, which is why we have been leading the industry for the 2nd story addition and home additions in Toronto for over 16 years.

The Modular concept

The key to Modular Home Additions fast and simple home extensions in Toronto is our revolutionary Modular concept. We build all of the structural components in our factory (whenever the crane installation is possible), which expedites the building process and allows us to demolish your existing roof and install new walls in only a few days. Our qualified and experienced crews have the knowledge and skills to take your project from conception to completion in the blink of an eye, which reduces construction times and minimizes the disruption to your daily life.

Toronto Second story additions

When you are living in a one-story home that already stretches the limits of your lot, the only place to build is up. Fortunately, Modular Home Additions specializes in the high-quality 2nd story addition that will not only increase your square footage, but boost your home’s resale value without compromising the character of your existing structure. Whether you want to add luxurious Toronto 2nd story home additions, or a 2nd floor addition for a versatile loft for the kids, or a spacious craft area, you can count on our experts to do the job right.

Endless possibilities for professional home additions

Even though Modular Home Additions’ structural components are factory-built in most cases, there is no end to the design possibilities for new home additions in Toronto. Bring your ideas to our talented creative team, and we will get to work on a custom home add on project that suits your needs and budget. Our home addition services are perfect for:

  • In-law additions
  • Family room additions
  • Dormer additions

* Due to the setup of the company and the volume of the projects Modular Home Additions cannot accept projects that are less than five hundred square feet. All of the above mentioned rooms can be renovated as a part of the larger renovation.

We take care of all city permits associated with home additions in GTA while providing outstanding warranty programs on each and every home add on project, so let’s get started today!

To find out more information about our home add on projects, toronto home renovations and home extensions or to schedule a free estimate, contact our friendly team at 416-759-4663!

Home Additions in Toronto