Bathroom Additions in Toronto

Do you want a new bathroom for just a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional bathroom renovation? Consider a bespoke modular bathroom addition from Modular Home Additions for your home in Toronto, ON. Instead of waiting weeks or even months for a stylish bathroom, you can have your dream bathroom installed within a few days. Contact us today to learn about all the benefits of a modular bathroom addition!

What are Modular Bathrooms?

Traditional bathrooms are built from the ground up, which means every single component has to be separately installed. For a traditional bathroom, you’ll need a building contractor to do all the work for you. If you want to DIY a traditional bathroom, it will take a great amount of money, time, and expertise. Plus, you’ll still need licensed plumbers and electricians to make sure you’re complying with all local and provincial building codes. Not only is this time consuming, it’s labour intensive and can often cost more money than expected.

When you choose modular furniture for a bathroom addition, you’ll be getting different units of furniture that can easily be moved around. This makes your new bathroom adaptable to all your needs. Most of the hard work will already have been taken care of in the factory before it even arrives at your home. Once you design the modular bathroom you want for your home addition, we’ll send it to your door. Then, with the help of our installation technicians, we’ll have your new, beautiful bathroom up and running in virtually no time!

A Unique, Beautiful Bathroom

Some people think a modular bathroom will look generic and uninspired simply because it was designed in a factory in advance. Nothing could be further from the truth! Our furniture is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles, and since you’re essentially purchasing modules, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

On top of that, a modular bathroom addition provides new levels of flexibility. You can easily configure or adjust your bathroom to your exact specifications. For example, you can buy certain units at a later time, uninstall a panel for more room in your cabinet, or shift your cabinet to the other side of the bathroom, all without any stress. If you’re interested in having as much flexibility as possible in taking control of your bathroom, then reach out to the Modular Home Additions team to help you get started.

Call for A Gorgeous Bathroom

At Modular Home Additions, all of our furniture is water resistant and extremely durable, which is important for the functionality of your bathroom. We also provide gorgeous, stylish options so you can show off your bathroom proudly. In addition, we take care of all the permits, so you can focus on what’s important: enjoying your beautiful, brand-new bathroom! Reach out to our Toronto, ON, home renovation contractors today to get the bathroom of your dreams!

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