How Does a Modular Home Build Work?

Modular Construction 101

How To Grow Your Home - 3 Days You have finally decided you want to add a second story to your bungalow, or add an extended addition to your home, where you find yourself overwhelmed with concerns and questions such as:

What do I need to consider?

How much will this cost?

How long will it take?

Must I find a temp-residence to hide away from all the construction?

Modular Home Additions provides you with a free consultation to construct a quote with a detailed report. It will outline all the tasks and cost you can expect with builing your dream and unique home addition.

The wonderfully convenient property of our service is that it is modular, therefore it is like putting Lego pieces together. Once you have decided to top up your house, you must apply for a permit, which we take care of, and once it’s issued the Lego pieces come together.

Everything is done offsite therefore you get to live inside your house. As you live in your home, you can watch the modular pieces being put together within about 3 days. That’s right, within 3 days you can have a 2 nd floor built and ready to live in!

Construction time is reduced because of our pre-construction which already covers over 50% of your home. With the walls, windows, floors, doors, and roof prepared in our Toronto factories, it is just a matter of putting all of your dream home addition pieces together.

Revamping, adding and constructing to your exiting home does not have to be a headache. Put the paranoia away and let us show you how to make your dream home additions come true within days with our free consultation.

More questions? We’d love to chat! Give us a call at 416-759-4663!