• Remodeling Ideas

    It’s time to give your house a little lift, a little nip, a little tuck and voila! It’s back to life again!

    Remodel your house into a place that welcomes your guests in, and leaves them talking about all those little details that they wish they thought of first… after they are out!

    Here are some ideas to remodel your home into a place that is worth remembering :

    Stairs for the Novelists!

    “Harry Potter – Inspired Book Nook”

    Add space into your house by building in a little reading nook under your staircase. A perfect little corner in your house that you can have all to yourself!

    Give your home a lift


    Give your home a lift 2


    “Walk down a Library”

    Embrace your inner nerd by “decorating” your stairs with all the novels your have read and plan to read. It looks like décor on the outside, but on the inside it is your own reading trophies!

    Give your home a lift 3

    Give your home a lift 4


    Kitchen’s that Go Against the Norm

    “Go Verticle”

    There is a standard- go against it! Rather than remodeling your kitchen cabinets horizonatally with cupboards that open out, build in dual-access cabinets that slide out! That way you have access to all the goodies inside and it appeals to the splendid eye for its modern touch!
    Give your home a lift 6

    Give your home a lift 7


    “Counter-space additions”

    Fighting over counter space? Add a little and make a big difference! A sliding counter-space is your kitchen’s knight in shinning marble!

    Give your home a lift 8


    Floor additions… Inside the house!

    Turn that extra open space you have on top of your stairs into a playroom or yoga space! By adding a floor on top of those stairs, you open up more domestic opportunities. You can do more with your home than you know!

    Give your home a lift 9


    Those are some intricate and fun ideas that Modular can help make happen!

    Happy Remodeling!