• Building for Multi-Generational Households

    As housing prices continue to skyrocket and the inventory of Canadian homes becomes increasingly smaller, multi-generational homes have begun to experience a renaissance. Parents and adult children as well as grandchildren are coming together to live under one roof.

    To learn more about the impact this lifestyle trend is having on the home renovation industry, eieihome.com went to Vadja Jericevic, President and CEO of Modular Home Additions LTD.

    Previously, the Canadian version of multigenerational living typically meant that a grown child had taken up residence in the basement of his or her parents’ home; however now, that is not always the case.

    “In-law basements suites are not that common anymore,” Jericevic tell us. “Most often side, back or 2nd floor additions are discussed in cases where two families will be living together”.

    In many households, the home’s living room, dining room and kitchen are shared, with the addition providing a separation of the sleeping and bathing quarters.

    “[Older] parents usually get [a bedroom and separate bath] on the main floor in order to avoid the stairs, and the younger part of the family gets to climb to their bedrooms,” Jericevic says.

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  • Eieihome.com: Are you ready to renovate?

    modular logo image Have you been thinking about renovating your home for some time now but you don’t quite know who to call or where to begin?

    In order to help you with the process, eieihome.com reached out to Bole Cirovic of Modular Home Additions, one of the GTA’s leaders in home renovation services.

    It’s never too early to get the process started. “One of the most common misconceptions about the renovation process is that contractors can get started within 4-6 weeks of making contact.” Cirovic says.

    The reality is that timeframe actually looks more like 4-6 months, so if you were hoping to get in touch with a contractor today to start your renovation this summer, you are out of luck.

    The city permit process is time consuming, but the good news is that Modular Home Additions goes through the hassle for you.

    Renovations 365 days a year. Although it may take longer then you hoped to get your renovation started, the good news is that Modular’s unique installation process allows them to work year-round. “ Believe it or not, renovations are actually easier in the winter because it is a drier season with less rain and wetness” Cirovic says. Read more .

  • Modular Home Additions will be at The National Home Show!

    blog national image

    Modular Home Additions Ltd will be exhibiting at the Home Show in March.

    Make sure to stop by our booth and see how we can help grow your home in 3 days!

    Details Below:

    The Home Show will begin Friday March 11-20, 2016. Our Booth will be #2807.
    Show Location: Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place
    100 Princes’ Boulevard
    Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

  • The 2015 National Home Show is Officially Here!

    The day has finally come! The National Home Show is starting tomorrow.

    Held at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre, The National Home Show is a 10-day exhibition that has 450+ exhibitors and sponsors, showcasing everything from construction, renovation & home design to home entertainment & electronics.

    Modular Home Additions is proud to be a part of this prestigious home show for another year, introducing their company and services to newcomers and experienced home renovators.

    From March 13 th – March 22 nd, you can visit our Modular Home Additions booth (#2807) to learn all about what we have to offer, which includes our innovative system which allows us to build up your home in THREE days. Not only will you get to see examples of our previous projects but you can also get information about your potential home addition.

    We hope you see you there!

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  • Modular booth at this year’s National Home Show + Canada Blooms!

    Mark March 13-22 2015 on your calendars because Modular Home Addition’s will have a booth at this year’s National Home Show!

    Taking place at the Direct Energy Center, The National Home Show is a 10-day exhibition that has 450+ exhibitors and sponsors, showcasing everything from construction, renovation & home design to Home Entertainment & Electronics.

    Modular Home Additions is looking forward to being apart of this event for yet another year.

    MODULAR TIP: Free Parking! Mon-Fri after 4 PM

    Here are all the details you need to know about this year’s National Home show:

    National Home Show + Canada Blows 2015: Presented by Remax

    Modular Home Addition’s Booth- #2807 (see the link below)


    Friday, March 13 th – Sunday March 22 nd

    The Direct Energy Center

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  • Remodeling Ideas

    It’s time to give your house a little lift, a little nip, a little tuck and voila! It’s back to life again!

    Remodel your house into a place that welcomes your guests in, and leaves them talking about all those little details that they wish they thought of first… after they are out!

    Here are some ideas to remodel your home into a place that is worth remembering :

    Stairs for the Novelists!

    “Harry Potter – Inspired Book Nook”

    Add space into your house by building in a little reading nook under your staircase. A perfect little corner in your house that you can have all to yourself!

    Give your home a lift


    Give your home a lift 2


    “Walk down a Library”

    Embrace your inner nerd by “decorating” your stairs with all the novels your have read and plan to read. It looks like décor on the outside, but on the inside it is your own reading trophies!

    Give your home a lift 3

    Give your home a lift 4


    Kitchen’s that Go Against the Norm

    “Go Verticle”

    There is a standard- go against it! Rather than remodeling your kitchen cabinets horizonatally with cupboards that open out, build in dual-access cabinets that slide out! That way you have access to all the goodies inside and it appeals to the splendid eye for its modern touch!
    Give your home a lift 6

    Give your home a lift 7


    “Counter-space additions”

    Fighting over counter space? Add a little and make a big difference! A sliding counter-space is your kitchen’s knight in shinning marble!

    Give your home a lift 8


    Floor additions… Inside the house!

    Turn that extra open space you have on top of your stairs into a playroom or yoga space! By adding a floor on top of those stairs, you open up more domestic opportunities. You can do more with your home than you know!

    Give your home a lift 9


    Those are some intricate and fun ideas that Modular can help make happen!

    Happy Remodeling!

  • Costa Family Moves In Today!

    Jose and Tanya Costa, and their 12 children, celebrate their official move-in today!

    Kitchen Renovation & Addition in Toronto

    Today marks a special day for the Costa family where they take their first official steps into their new built home.

    Modular Homes is happy to be a part of this pro-bono project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity GTA.

    Building this new home for this lovely family of 14 has been touching and rewarding! Their long awaited home is now echoing with their heart-melting smiles and laughter.

    We wish the Costa family a future home that is warm and filled with love – just as we have intended it to be as we build it!

    Second Story Home Additions Contractor in Toronto

    Bungalow Additions & Renovation in Toronto

    Home Additions by Modular Home Additions

    Home Renovations by Modular Home Additions

  • Habitat Partner Family of 14 open the doors to their new home and a brighter future

    Toronto, ON – On July 30, 2014, Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area (Habitat GTA), in partnership with Modular Homes, will celebrate the completion of the Costa family home by presenting the family of 14, with keys to their new home located at 828 Runnymede Road, near Jane St. and St. Clair Avenue West, in the Runnymede area of Toronto.

    “We are thrilled to welcome Jose, Tanya and their children into their new home and community,” says Ene Underwood, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area. “Homeownership will now allow the Costa family to provide a stable, loving environment for their family.”

    Jose and Tanya Costa can’t lay claim to monetary abundance, but consider themselves rich with 12 children. However for Jose and Tanya, providing for their family, including four children under the age of twelve with special needs due to autism, has been a challenge. Since Jose immigrated to Canada from Portugal, and Tanya for the U.S.A, the two have worked tirelessly to provide for their family. The main problem is, their house is falling down around them. While they were willing to move, they didn’t know of any other place that would take them. For a family of 14, renting is not easy.

    “Purchasing a Habitat home will change all of our futures. We will not only have a home of our own, but we will continue contributing to Habitat’s mission by helping build homes for other families in need of a better future.”

    Through the support of corporate sponsors, Habitat GTA was able to provide this affordable home with the donation of the exterior of the home by Modular Homes. Habitat GTA volunteers then completed the interior and landscaping of the home.

    Event Schedule

    What: 828 Runnymede Rd Home Dedication
    Who: Habitat for Humanity GTA, Modular Homes, and the Costa Family
    When: July 30, 2014, 10:00 a.m.
    Where: 828 Runnymede (Jane St. and St. Clair Avenue West)


    Please visit habitatgta.ca for more information on Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area.

    For more information or media requests, please contact:

    Melissa Grosser

    Charming Media



  • Modular Home Additions Featured In National Post

    We want to thank Matt Gurnery of the National Post for this wonderful feature on Modular Home Additions this week! We are honoured!

    Modular Home Additions featured in National Post

    “Modularization….is a different process. The components are still made rapidly inside large facilities (like the one I arrived at unannounced), with machine precision and in climate controlled environments, with all the attendant advantages of speed, quality and cost effectiveness. Waste is minimized, energy saved, and safety enhanced” To read the full article, please click here !

    Thank you again to Matt Guerny!

  • Modular Celebrates Costa Home Construction With Habitat For Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity - Costa Home ConstructionYesterday’s event was nothing less than a touching and memorable way to set the course for Spring and the upcoming warmer months. The Costa family, in our pro-bono project for building this wonderful family a new home, greeted Modular Home Additions with high gratitude and appreciation.

    In partnership with Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area (HFH DTA), we have marked the beginning of constructing its largest home to date. A family of 14 that previously lived in a five-bedroom home with only one washroom, now eager and relieved to finally reside in a new beautiful house of 8-bedrooms within their budget.

    Jose and Tanya Costa, with their 12 children, each wore hats with the Modular Home Additions logo proudly as Habitat GTA welcomed them while announcing all the wonderful new features their home and community will hold. Media also gathered for the event to celebrate the wonderful occassion!

    Now more so than before, we look forward to building this new home for this touching family. After seeing at face value how wide-eyed, eager, and blissfully happy each of the 14 family members were as they absorbed the skeletal view of the house, leaving to their imagination as to what the final product will look like, we are confident to making their dreams turn into their reality!