• 4 Quick Winter Hacks to Adding Warmth to Your Home

    These freezing temperatures are sometimes unbearable, so keep cozy and snuggle up. We have some wonderful tips for how to make your hibernating nook the ultimate winter escape!

    Layer up those floors
    Dress your floors with some soft and inviting carpets. It will keep your feet warm and provide an extra special space to lay down and pretzel comfortably whichever way you wish, you have the whole floor after all!

    Spice It Up By Adding Warm Colours

    Add a red chair, or some orange blankets into the mix of your interior. Small touches of warm colours add depth, are esthetically appealing, and bring up the heat into your home.

    Fluff It Up With Pillows

    Pillows add a visual and physical softness, and is that not what we need during the winter? For some soft, warm, huggable comfort? Agreeably, adding pillows that are also warm colours and textures add even more of a winter-worthy touch!


    Adding textures makes the room inviting and comforting. Different textures create a feel of ease and warmth so have fun and play with it! Contact us today for more!

  • Modular booth at this year’s National Home Show + Canada Blooms!

    Mark March 13-22 2015 on your calendars because Modular Home Addition’s will have a booth at this year’s National Home Show!

    Taking place at the Direct Energy Center, The National Home Show is a 10-day exhibition that has 450+ exhibitors and sponsors, showcasing everything from construction, renovation & home design to Home Entertainment & Electronics.

    Modular Home Additions is looking forward to being apart of this event for yet another year.

    MODULAR TIP: Free Parking! Mon-Fri after 4 PM

    Here are all the details you need to know about this year’s National Home show:

    National Home Show + Canada Blows 2015: Presented by Remax

    Modular Home Addition’s Booth- #2807 (see the link below)


    Friday, March 13 th – Sunday March 22 nd

    The Direct Energy Center

    For More Information, Please Visit:


  • Winter Home Maintenance Tips

    Now that winter is officially here it is time to winter-proof your house.

    Here are our top three winter home maintenance tips:

    1. Make sure your heating system is in check

    In the cold winter months heating in homes is a MUST, not a necessity. The freezing temperatures have the ability to make the indoor of your house as cold as the average household fridge. The sooner you get a technician to inspect your furnace and/or heat pump the sooner you will know for sure that the system is in working order. Trust me you don’t want to be caught in a cold home on the coldest day of the year.

    2. Caulk around doors and windows

    Having a working heating system wont make a warm home if there is a draft coming through. One way to see if there is in fact a draft is by holding up a lit candle to the window or door then seeing if the flame moves. If the flame does move then you know that there is air coming through. Another way is by holding your hand up to the window/door, and if you can feel air then chances are there is a gap in the current caulking.

    3. ALWAYS keep your front stairs and sidewalk clear from ice and snow

    This one seems like a no brainer but surprisingly some individuals choose to shovel and salt when a big snowstorm hits. No matter, big or small the snowfall, having clear stairs and sidewalks will keep you, your neighbours and those visiting you safe. Make sure to have your shovel, snowplows and salt bags readily available so that you will be ready every time Mother Nature decides to sprinkle down the “cold white stuff”