Fun Summer Home Decor Ideas

Vintage ideas for coffee tables

Wine- connoisseur or not, this is a wonderful idea! Just remove the middle plank and insert a trough. Then fill it up with ice and loosely spread the bottles throughout! This is a wonderful way to keep the bottles chilled while adding that intricate detail to your picnic table.

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Fun Summer Home Decor Ideas by Modular Home Additions

Sub a kitchen painting for a Mug Shelf! Looks great, welcoming and your guests will love it!

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Fill up your stairs! Add some of your own personality to your modern stairs by filling them up with all your favourite books, magazines, records, and whatever else your heart desires!

Summer Home Decor Ideas By Modular Home Additions

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Lights in a Bottle! Don’t throw away those after-party bottles- keep the party going! Add lights into those bottles for an added inviting vibe to your parties and get-togethers.

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Or do the same in Jars! Here is an idea for Patio Lanterns:

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Coffee Table… Or is it? Here are some vintage ideas for coffee tables:

coffee table
A Window!

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Crates for a coffee table!

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