Backyard Projects #1

Wagon Herb Planter

  • After a long winter your garage/storage unit may be packed with a bunch of tools and toys you might not use anymore. Take that rusty wagon and turn it into a mobile planter. With the ability of moving it where ever you want you can place it where you find it most convenient.

Add a Swing Set

  • If you have children and you have a lot of room in your backyard why not build them a swing set. No longer will you have to bring them to the park everyday just so they can run around and play on the swings and slides. Now you can sit back and relax on your patio as they have their fun

Light Up Your Path

  • During the nighttime it might be a little hard to find your way along a path if there is no light to guide your way. By adding garden lights along a walk way can make your backyard come alive at night.

Grow Your Own Food

  • Why spend your money on fruits and vegetables when you can grow your own. Even if you don’t have that much room to grow a whole garden, you can grow smaller vegetables in a big flowerpot.