Spring Cleaning Fun

Spring-cleaning doesn’t need to be boring.

Here are 4 ways to make your spring-cleaning chores effective and fun.

  1. Turn it up!

Music always makes things fun. While cleaning, put on your favourite songs to sing and dance along to. Doing so will take away from the quietness of your own thoughts. So dont be afraid to prented like your favourite Rock/Pop star, sing and dance your heart away while your house gets clean at the same time.

  1. Make it a race

Everyone likes a little competition, so why not compete against yourself.Time yourself to see just how fast you can clean certain rooms in your house. Each time try and do it a little faster and see if you can beat your own time. Not only will this get to motivated to clean, it will also help you get it done faster.

  1. Get your family involved

Cleaning alone is okay, but cleaning with your family is even better! Cleaning with the family allows for everything to get done a lot faster, all while having family bonding time.

  1. Reward yourself

Staying motivated to clean is tough. Giving yourself a reward gives you something to look forward to once certain tasks are done. Some rewards can include; eating your favourite snack when your done, watching a movie or television show you’ve always wanted to watch, going out for icecream. etc…