• Summer Colour Guide

    Summer is the time to enjoy the fresh outdoors. However on those rainy days, the weather may have you locked up indoors. When it’s all gray and gloomy outside, the last thing you want is for your house to look and feel as gloomy as it is outside. With these summery paint colours, not only will they lift your spirit but will help renew your energy.

    If you are not feeling adventurous enough to paint your walls, brightly coloured décor will work too!

    Tangy Lime

    Ways to Make Your Spring Cleaning Chores Effective & Fun

    Shoreline Blue

    Shoreline Blue

    Sunny Yellow



    Summer Colour Guide by Modular Home Additions

  • 4 Summer BBQ Must Haves

    On those nice and warm summer nights having a barbeque with friends and family is a great way to get outside while having some fun with those you love.

    Here are 5 things you must have before you start grilling:

    1. Charcoal
    • Sure there are gas barbeques and even though it may take a bit longer for your food to cook, nothing tastes as good as smokey char grilled food.
    1. Relaxing Patio Furtinature
    • Having a BBQ by yourself can be fun but having a BBQ with a bunch of friends and family is even better. With that being said you and your guest need somewhere to sit and place their food. Investing in relaxing and stylish patio furniture is a good idea especially if you like entertaining.
    1. Cool Lighting
    • When June 21 st comes around summer has just begun, however daylight is shorter and nights are starting to get longer. Decorating your backyard or patio with lanterns and Christmas lights is a great way to take advantage of the long summer nights. It will make your outdoor space look inviting and relaxing.
    1. Food & Drinks
    • This is a NO BRAINER! You cannot have a BBQ without the food and drinks! When it comes to choosing what you should prepare make sure to make something for everyone. Making a variety of different meats and vegetables is sure to please everyone who attends you BBQ.

  • May ArtSalon 2015

    We at Modular Home Additions are proud to announce that we are a sponsor of the May ArtSalon 2015

    ArtSalon 2015 is a unique exhibition of a wide-range contemporary art, taking place twice a year, traditionally featuring works by more than 40 artists.

    May ArtSalon 2015



    Opening reception – Friday May 29th 2015 at 7:00PM.

    We hope you can come out and support this event.

  • Free Digital Copy of Canadian Home Trends Magazine Spring 2015


    The Canadian Home Trends Magazine just put out their 2015 spring issue and would love it if you all had a chance to read it.

    The digital edition for Design 2015 is now available. Click the link below for your complimentary copy!


    Check out this magazine for amazing home decor and design ideas.

    Free Digital Copy of Canadian Home Trends Magazine 2015

  • Backyard Projects #1

    Wagon Herb Planter

    • After a long winter your garage/storage unit may be packed with a bunch of tools and toys you might not use anymore. Take that rusty wagon and turn it into a mobile planter. With the ability of moving it where ever you want you can place it where you find it most convenient.

    Add a Swing Set

    • If you have children and you have a lot of room in your backyard why not build them a swing set. No longer will you have to bring them to the park everyday just so they can run around and play on the swings and slides. Now you can sit back and relax on your patio as they have their fun

    Light Up Your Path

    • During the nighttime it might be a little hard to find your way along a path if there is no light to guide your way. By adding garden lights along a walk way can make your backyard come alive at night.

    Grow Your Own Food

    • Why spend your money on fruits and vegetables when you can grow your own. Even if you don’t have that much room to grow a whole garden, you can grow smaller vegetables in a big flowerpot.

  • Home Makeover Tips

    Paint Your Front Door

    Your front door is the first thing both you and guests see when entering your home. By painting your door a colour you enjoy it allows for people to get a sense of your own personal tastes. Whether you want your front door to be a light robin egg blue or a deep and dark red, adding this colour with give your house curb appeal.

    While you might not be able to enjoy a your freshly painted front door from the comfort of inside your home, every time you come home from an exhausting day seeing your favourite colour may cheer you up.

    Home Makeover Tips by Modular Home Additions in Toronto

    Hang Mirrors

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall who has the best-decorated house of them all?

    You will , that is, once you hang up a couple of mirrors. Mirrors aren’t only for walk in closets or entryways. Adding a mirror or three to your living room or even dining room is a great way to add some flare to your bare walls. Believe it or not, adding mirrors can also make a room look bigger!

    Add a Bit of Wallpaper

    We all know how bad and outdated wallpaper can make a room look. However, if done and placed right, it can make a plain room look fresh and stylish. The best way to add wallpaper is not throughout the whole room but to one wall. Instead of painting an accent wall, just add wallpaper.

    Scented Candles

    When someone comes into your home for the first time one of the first things they notice is how your house smells. While plug in air fresheners can get the job done, scented candles can bring a sense of style to your home.

    Yes décor and the overall look is important, but if your house looks clean but smells dirty your guests are going to wondering what you maybe be hiding.

  • Spring Cleaning Dos & Don’ts


    Plan Ahead

    • Just like any big task you should plan ahead. This ensures that everything that needs to be done gets done. Planning ahead will make things go a lot faster, by marking down everything you can see what task will take the longest and shortest to do. Start with the big cleaning projects first. This allows for the smaller tasks to be done quickly in the end.

    Use proper supplies

    • Using the proper supplies not only makes for a better clean, but it also makes cleaning become easier. Do your research, whether it is online or in store, there are a ton of options and by doing research it allows you to pick the supplies that work for you. Also stocking up on cleaning supplies is never a bad idea, you can use them more than once.

    Take Breaks

    • Breaks are need during any daily activity, cleaning is no exception. Yes cleaning is a chore but it needs to be done. Taking a break or two in-between cleaning allows you to freshen up and unwind if you are feeling stressed.


    Avoid taking on too much

    • The last thing you need in your life is more stress. When it comes to cleaning making it as stress free as possible should be the goal. Splitting up your tasks gives you a visual so your not overwhelmed .Remember it is called spring-cleaning and it does not have to be done in one day, spring is a whole entire season.

    Miss the small areas

    • Whether it’s a closet or even just the top of that hard to reach self, remember to clean every area in your house. If you miss the small areas now the mess in that area will just keep getting bigger.

  • Spring Cleaning Fun

    Spring-cleaning doesn’t need to be boring.

    Here are 4 ways to make your spring-cleaning chores effective and fun.

    1. Turn it up!

    Music always makes things fun. While cleaning, put on your favourite songs to sing and dance along to. Doing so will take away from the quietness of your own thoughts. So dont be afraid to prented like your favourite Rock/Pop star, sing and dance your heart away while your house gets clean at the same time.

    1. Make it a race

    Everyone likes a little competition, so why not compete against yourself.Time yourself to see just how fast you can clean certain rooms in your house. Each time try and do it a little faster and see if you can beat your own time. Not only will this get to motivated to clean, it will also help you get it done faster.

    1. Get your family involved

    Cleaning alone is okay, but cleaning with your family is even better! Cleaning with the family allows for everything to get done a lot faster, all while having family bonding time.

    1. Reward yourself

    Staying motivated to clean is tough. Giving yourself a reward gives you something to look forward to once certain tasks are done. Some rewards can include; eating your favourite snack when your done, watching a movie or television show you’ve always wanted to watch, going out for icecream. etc…

  • The 2015 National Home Show is Officially Here!

    The day has finally come! The National Home Show is starting tomorrow.

    Held at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre, The National Home Show is a 10-day exhibition that has 450+ exhibitors and sponsors, showcasing everything from construction, renovation & home design to home entertainment & electronics.

    Modular Home Additions is proud to be a part of this prestigious home show for another year, introducing their company and services to newcomers and experienced home renovators.

    From March 13 th – March 22 nd, you can visit our Modular Home Additions booth (#2807) to learn all about what we have to offer, which includes our innovative system which allows us to build up your home in THREE days. Not only will you get to see examples of our previous projects but you can also get information about your potential home addition.

    We hope you see you there!

    For More Information, Please Visit:


  • 4 Quick Winter Hacks to Adding Warmth to Your Home

    These freezing temperatures are sometimes unbearable, so keep cozy and snuggle up. We have some wonderful tips for how to make your hibernating nook the ultimate winter escape!

    Layer up those floors
    Dress your floors with some soft and inviting carpets. It will keep your feet warm and provide an extra special space to lay down and pretzel comfortably whichever way you wish, you have the whole floor after all!

    Spice It Up By Adding Warm Colours

    Add a red chair, or some orange blankets into the mix of your interior. Small touches of warm colours add depth, are esthetically appealing, and bring up the heat into your home.

    Fluff It Up With Pillows

    Pillows add a visual and physical softness, and is that not what we need during the winter? For some soft, warm, huggable comfort? Agreeably, adding pillows that are also warm colours and textures add even more of a winter-worthy touch!


    Adding textures makes the room inviting and comforting. Different textures create a feel of ease and warmth so have fun and play with it! Contact us today for more!